Kara Delik & Spröde Lippen

Th 07.03.2024 – – – 19h
Zur Aesthetik 11
Kara Delik & Spröde Lippen

Kara Delik
Berlin’s Anatolian, post-punk, new-wave group explodes with dynamic, poly-rhythmic psych-grooves, live energy, and a galactic panache for otherworldly effects. The Anatolian post-punk, Kraut-Welle, psych-dub, sounds of Kara Delik is rooted in the history of Anatolian rock, Neue Deutsche Welle, and dub, all delivered with a zesty, post-punk, explosive live punch. The international trio of Barış Öner [Istanbul Ghetto Club] on saz, Andi Sommer [Henry Fonda, Yacht Communismon] on bass and synths, and drummer Eilis Frawley [Anika, Laura Lee & The Jettes] interweave energetic, complex rhythms, soundscapes, and effects, creating an industrious post-punk melee of Anatolian heat. Founded in 2020, Kara Delik first exploded onto the Berlin scene with their debut EP Tamam, before taking their sounds across the continent, later rewarding fans with a trilogy of EPs, entitled Singularities. Having played across the continent and multiple festivals, with an album in the pipeline, no-one is safe from being pulled in the music vortex of Kara Delik.

Spröde Lippen
aus Bremen schleifen sich mit textlichen polaroid Schnappschüssen, Stolperelektronik und Düsterwave durch Gehör und Kellergänge. Sie reiben sich an den Zeiten um den ZuhörerInnen am Ende alles ganz dick aufs Brot zu schmieren.