MAI 31 — 20:00 HATE & MERDA (sludge duo) + MONDAN (post metal)

Hate & Merda, the italian sludge faceless duo, fulfills one more ride across Europe before working on the new album.
Just four gigs, like a cursed flash mob.


For ears addicted to Black Flag, Neurosis, Eyehategod, The Body.

Founded in Bremen in 2012 under the name Ephemeral, Mondan have been playing together as a band for almost
together as a band for almost a decade now. Under the name Welk, the three of them released their first EP in 2015
Flut with five songs, which at the time were still in the realm of instrumental post-metal.
Now a four-piece band, they remain true to their musical roots without closing themselves off to change.
remain true to their musical roots. Guitars, bass, drums and synthesiser combine
into a wall of sound that is rounded off by a duel of fragile vocals and angry screams.
is rounded off. These are songs as heavy as bricks – sometimes shyly melodic, sometimes shattering
explosive post-everything and post-nothing. Somewhere between noise and love, between hate and reconciliation
reconciliation, between sadness and peace.
Their first album Mondfresser is currently in production and awaiting release.