17.04.2024 GRID + TymPanic

Mi. 17.04.2024 20:00

GRID + TymPanic

TymPanic is the public display of the long-time complicity of more than one rootless cosmopolitans in the form of sonic (non-)dialogue. They dissociatively associate biosensing tools, sound producing machines, musical and non-musical instruments and their bodies to make sounds. They perform but do not conform. They disappear only to appear. They repeat to differ.


Tim Dahl is a New York based bassist and vocalist best known for his work with the noise-rock bands Lydia Lunch Retrovirus and Child Abuse. He also writes and performs for the jazz ensembles Pulverize the Sound, and GRID.

Matt Nelson is a sax player native to the Bay Area, but now living in NYC.

Thore Warland is a drummer from Stavanger, Norway. He has been releasing music, arranging concerts and touring around the globe since 2011.