Double-Bill night at Kultur im Bunker!!!!



FFUNKOFF (Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg) – a dynamic band that has set out to wring new facets out of funk. Two electric basses drive the music, a cutting electric guitar sounds above and a well thought-out drum set holds the wild riffs of the three wire rippers together. FFUNKOFF’s sound oscillates between catchy melodies and rhythms that defy convention.


Mellowdeath (Berlin, Bielefeld) -instrumental Postrock-Doom-Jazz
Finding a box to define the instrumental duo “Mellowdeath”, founded in 2017, is difficult, as the drummer, who moved from Pennsylvania and now lives in Berlin, and the bassist, who lives in Bielefeld, mix fragments from various musical styles. Each piece is a journey with hard breaks and weird rhythms, surprised by melodic repetition. A great challenge for all those who want to shake the body.
The two musicians have been musically influenced by various forms of metal, punk, jazz, classical music and Latin American music.