12.07.2023 Giulio Erasmus + bâton XXL

KulturBunker Im Exil – Open Air am Güterbahnhof



Beim Handelsmuseum 9
28195, Bremen

Giulio Erasmus

Post post ‘punk’/ pre post ‘dub’ / ‘XP’ / proto fonk from Bruxhole, but a hole is not a grave. Unintelligible mutterings, songs and collapsing collages from a simpleton with simple ideas about simplicity. New record and cassette out soon.


bâton XXL

amplified percussions, improved performance, retroaction, trance, voice

Romain Simon is one of the key figures of the Amiens underground scene, running multiple musical hustles and acting as one of the hyperactive keepers of the unmissable Accueil Froid Nuke venue. As a former/present member iconic art-noise outfit Headwar, raging doom screamers La Race and post-apocalyptic party duo Me Donner, Romain’s solo Bâton XXL is a total embodiment of his unfettered energy, expressed through a modified drum kit, fizzled vocals, electronic triggers and mean ass sticks. A percussive flux to drunkenly drown in, where deranged dance rituals may follow.